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Itchy Skin - Hay Fever -Cold & Flu - Natural Remedies for Allergies

How to blast your allergies away forever ?



How to get your health back into your life, with herbal secrets known only by
a few...

Discover how you can easily relieve your allergies , itchy skin, hay fever and cold and flu within a day

with safe natural remedies !

100% safe guaranteed !


You don't need to take dangerous drugs and suffer from side effects.
You don't need to take
any more complicated treatments.
You don't need to spend much money.
You don't even need to wait more than 30 minutes for the results.

No more itchy relief creams and sprays !
No more allergy shots !

These are really

Amazing secret natural remedies that can kill your allergies, itchy skin, hay fever , cold and flu immediately that no one has ever revealed.


All you need to do is  

Just take it,  and forget about it !

In my case,

Itchy skin - worked within 25 minutes ! 
Hay fever -
worked within
20 minutes !
Cold - flu -
worked within a day !

      100% Safe,

                        Satisfaction guaranteed !



If you would like to discover the best-kept secrets of natural remedies that can relieve your itchy skin, hay fever, cold and flu easily and quickly and safely, please keep your eyes glued to this page.
You won't find this valuable information anywhere else on the web, herb books, or elsewhere.

Here is why,

  • This information " How to blast your allergies away forever !" comes from my private notebook.  I spent several years to research and tested many kinds of combinations of herbs to get rid of my itchy skin, hay fever, also cold and flu.  Even herbal doctors don't know the power of this secret, like magic formula.

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This remedy has never been revealed until now !


Real testimonials

Greetings Raymond !

It's the season here in Missouri for the ragweed allergies. I remembered that you had told us about a remedy you had discovered for your allergies. So, last night, I tried it.

You would not believe the excellent results and relief I got from this remedy. Oh, my Goodness --

They are a gift  from God  to allergy sufferers !!!!!!!

Why  I did  not  try it as soon as you told me before?? Probably because it was not allergy season here then. I am so thrilled and thankful for it. It is the best relief I have ever had.

Before this, I was taking a prescription drug, but still had life threatening breathing fits in which I had to rush to the city and stay in a motel just to breathe city air and get away from the ragweed pollen.

I am BESIDE myself with pleasure at this season being the first one since residing in Missouri, that I have had such wonderful allergy relief. Thank you !!!!

Nancy N, Polo, MO



Hi Raymond,

I tried your remedy last week. I could not believe it, my skin itches disappeared soon after I took it !!

It really worked !! In the past I tried many kinds of over the counter medications, but after trying your remedy I have experienced genuine relief for the first time. I will recommend it to my daughter and my friends.

Thank you so much for this life changing cure.

Yuriko Z, Tucson,AZ



Dear Friends,

It was an accident I discovered this natural remedy while I was testing many herbs. and I got amazing quick results for my terrible itchy skin and also hay fever, cold and flu.

My name is Raymond Entwistle. I live in Arizona, U.S.A. with my wife. I had suffered for fourteen years from terrible allergies, especially hay fever and itchy skin.

My wife also had been suffering from  skin problems, itchy skin, hay fever and asthma since her childhood.

To get rid of our allergies ,we tried all the ways listed below but none worked until I discovered this amazing herbal remedy.

We had tried,

For itchy skin - itchy skin relief cream, aloe moisture lotion and cream, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs that I heard about from herb books and online herb stores.

For hay fever- drugs, prescription drugs that doctors recommended, nose spray, shot, expensive special treatment , herbs that I heard about from herb books and online herb stores.

For cold & flu - aspirin, cold drugs, herbs that I heard about from herb books and online herb stores and websites.


And the results were,

Prescription drugs - They worked only in the beginning and soon I started to get side effects.

Aloe moisture lotion and cream - It felt good and it had cured sunburn I had in the past, but didn't get rid of my itches.

Itchy skin cream - It worked okay but felt sticky and needed to put it on often.

Herbs I heard about from herb books - All of the herbs that they say are good for itchy skin didn't work.

For hay fever, nothing worked !


You have probably been spending a lot of time and money to relieve your itchy skin and hay fever.

That is why I have created this Web page. You are about to discover this powerful natural remedy that no one has ever told.

Strong drugs that work very fast have serious side effects and they work only in the beginning, soon you will need to take more and more drugs . and your problem will get worse and worse.


What will happen if you use drugs and itchy skin creams  long-term ?

From your itchy skin relief cream,

  • Get spots on the skin.

  • Get skin damages and difficult to fix.

  • Get old skin.

From drugs,

  • get sleepy all the time.

  • radical changes in mood.

  • get stroke.

  • get heart attack.

  • get liver problems.

  • get lung problems.

  • get mental confusion.

From nose spray,

  • Get worse than before if you use often.

  • Get Sinusitis.


But do natural remedies really work for your hay fever and itchy skin ?

Yes, if you take the correct herbs. It was relatively easy to find good natural herbs for other illnesses. For example, lung problem, stomach aches, stiff shoulder, all kinds of pain.

But for hay fever, and itchy skin, nothing worked from the info I got from many herb books , websites and articles !

Before we moved to Tucson, we were in Saint Louis, MO.  Saint Louis is one of the worst places for allergies.

I had been suffering with hay fever every allergy season. Nothing could stop my hay fever. My wife sympathized with my problem and she suggested to move to Tucson, AZ, because we had read Tucson is a great place for people who suffer from allergies.

By the time we arrived in Tucson,we thought my hay fever was gone. However, it was not the case. In Tucson, Allergy season is spring time.

My hay fever started again during that season. And also it is very dry and hot weather here. Our skin was getting super dry and we could not live without skin moisturizng lotion, because our skin was getting so itchy everywhere.

Especially my wife developed terrible skin allergies for a long time. She was also using itchy skin   cream for it.  

During that time my wife suddenly developed a terrible lung problem and she could not breathe deeply. But she did not want to go to the hospital and wanted to first see if there was a way to fix the problem using some other natural way.

I rushed to the library to find out if there was any natural cure and bought several combination of herbs on my way home.

My wife took my recommendation and within a day, her lung problem was gone !

I was shocked !

Since then, I started researching more about natural remedies, because I wanted to fix my hay fever, and also itchy skin.  I had terrible itchy skin since our Italy trip and that made me crazy all the time because nothing worked for my skin.

I was testing many herbs, every time I found interesting herbs information and finally, I discovered this amazing like magic remedy for allergies which nobody knows.

My itchy skin was gone within 25 minutes !

My hay fever was gone within 20 minutes !

When my wife tried my herbal discovery, an all natural allergy remedy, believe it or not,

her itches were gone within a few minutes !

Now, we do not even need to use moisturizing lotions for our skin anymore.

I do not need to take any over the counter drugs any more.

We told about it to our family and friends who had similar problems.

But nobody believed it at first and they did not try until their allergies got worse.

Now they all are allergy free !

We are now all extremely happy and no longer suffer from allergies.


The extraordinary thing about this remedy is you can start instantly, without the usual worries of side effects.

It is completely safe !


How does this remedy work ??

When foreign matter enters the body, it activates the body's natural defense mechanism.  Substances called antibodies are released.

They engulf and expel the offending invaders.

Under normal conditions, the amount of antibodies is proportional to the degree of damage.

However, allergy occurs when an over abundance of antibodies floods the system attacking both foreign matter and the body's own tissue.

Symptoms of allergy include : itching, runny nose, hives, difficulty in breathing etc..

Allergen suppressing injections and medications have been found to have only a short term effect.

Allergy suffering patients have a high concentration of allergen (antibody ).

One of the herbs in my remedy inhibits over zealous allergen production.

When my remedy is employed as treatment for skin itches and hay fever, the results are very fast. 

For other allergies the efficacy is gradual but pronounced.  It works by nourishing and rebuilding, improving the function of immunity regulation.

This process is gradual but reliable and produces no harmful side-effects.

One of the herbs in my remedy has astringent properties that probably account for its usefulness to reduce mucous drainage.

 This plant's antibiotic and astringent properties tighten membranes, effectively strengthening and improving circulation.

Rich in vitamins A and C, it also contains tannins that are beneficial for reducing inflammation.

Astringent properties found in this herb make it ideal for relieving excess mucus and infectious conditions generally associated with sinusitis allergies, colds and upper respiratory problems.

This herb is used for cleansing and purifying the blood, therefore stimulating healthy liver functions.

Another herb in my remedy is a master eliminator of harmful bacteria such as staph, strep, E. coli and bacillus pneumoniae.

Studies show that this herb strengthens both B cells and T cells.

These specialized cells are a critical part of your internal army that fight infection.

Studies show that it increases the strength and life span of all the white blood cells, the cells that fight infection. 

What an incredible boost to a sagging immune system !

That is why this remedy is recommended at the first sign of any cold, flu,hay fever, itchy skin or sore throat to help quickly stop the infection.

When you have allergies, besides the usual runny nose, itchy eyes etc, they often create all kinds of symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, poor digestion, headaches, etc.

Many people try to use strong drugs to kill the allergies, only to be frustrated to have it return over and over again.

If allergies are present, then
you must first change your toxic internal environment which has allowed the allergy to take place.

Allergies thrive in an acid body. The toxins produced within an overly acidic, oxygen deprived body may contribute significantly to the symptoms of allergy.

Fatigue is probably the major symptom or complaint of an overly acidic body.

The toxins produced in an acidic body environment reduce the absorption of protein and minerals, which in turn weakens the body's ability to produce enzymes and hormones.

This also interferes with the reconstruction of cells and other necessary components of energy production.

The result is fatigue, poor endurance, an inability to add muscle tone, and general weakness.

This herb helps magnificently to re-establish an alkaline body.

Once the body becomes alkaline, allergies have a much tougher time taking hold. This remedy cleans you from the inside out.

One of the elements in this herb is a large amount of organic germanium.

Organogermanium can dramatically increase the oxygen absorbed by your blood.

High oxygenation turns an acid body (always found for example, in candida and cancer) back to alkaline.

Organogermanium not only up regulates oxygen , but also clears toxins. These are then eliminated from your body via urine or bowels.  

As toxic residues are cleared, your body can return to a strong, healthy state.



I spend as much time as I want with my family. My wife does not complain about my sniffling and blowing my nose all the time like she used to.

We go on vacation whenever we choose and we do not have to worry about whether it is allergy season . . my allergies no longer wake me up, I decide when it is time to wake up !

This remedy makes this possible for anyone, and this remedy works anytime ... even while you are sleeping !

In the next 5 minutes you can discover a remedy system which will virtually run itself, and free you from your itchy skin,hay fever,cold and flu !


What will you get ?


My brand new ebook " How to blast your allergies away forever !"  161 pages PDF File ebook.

 Here are the topics in the book.

  • Secret formula 1 -  How to relieve your Itchy Skin and Eczema Now !

  • How to blast your hay fever away within 20 minutes !

  • How to blast away your cold and Flu within a day using my secret fomula #3.  ( This amazing formula works for many illness. ) 

  • Find out why herbs are so powerful ? 

  • History of herbs that work like magic.

  • Herbs of the dragon, Ancient Chinese Secrets 

  • The Legendary herb of immortality

  •  The real history about the magical fountain of youth.

  •  Traditional healing and modern science.

  •  Masters of herbal medicine.

  • Discover stunning Herbs for other allergies and specific conditions.

Asthma  -  Find out how my wife cured her asthma, and what was the suprising cause !  

Bronchitis  - Powerful herbs for bronchitis !

Cold and flu - Amazing formula that relieves your cold and flu within a day !

Food allergies - Find out what are the beneficial herbs to treat your food allergies !

Hives -  Suffering from Hives ? Discover all natural treatments for your Hives !

Pinkeye - Find out powerful herbs which will restore your eye health ! 

Sinusitis -  How long have you been suffering from sinusitis ? Suffer no more ! Find out the natural remedies here !   

Sore throat - Powerful herbs that can soothe your sore throat and boost your immune function and fend off virus !

  • 23 Herbs profiles - You will get all the best and powerful herbs information. Used for treating many kinds of conditions !   This is a very practical and useful guide for your health ! 
  •  Tips for buying quality herbs.

  • Cold and Flu Smoothie. Delicious !

  • Find out the Ancient Mayan Cold Cure.

  • Amazing Traditional Tibetan Allergy Fomula.

  • Chinese Magical Herb packs that cure your aches , pain, stiff shoulders !  It also helped my hay fever !    

  • Recommended Herbal Stores - Where to buy quality fresh herbs with affordable prices !

Plus $108.95 value Free 8 special bonus ebooks !


Special Bonus ebook 1

 Nature Cure and

Natural method of treatment  

  •     *  Exercise for health and disease
  •     *  Yoga therapy
  •     *  Healing power of colors
  •     *  Health through nutrition
  •     *  Amazing power of amino acids
  •     *  Health promotion the vegetarian way



Disease and their natural treatment

  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Cancer
  • Backache
  • Common cold
  • Eczema   and  much much more


Special Bonus ebook 2

Vinegar for cleaning

Distilled Vinegar for cleaning.  White distilled vinegar is best for cleaning , maybe the oldest use for vinegar yet ( beside as a food ). Cleaning with vinegar is much safer than using commercial products.


Special Bonus ebook 3

Vinegar for your health

  • Different type of vinegar .
  • Methods of making vinegar and recipes,
  • Benefit of cider vinegar,
  • The nature of disease
  • Effect of cider vinegar on the blood


Special Bonus ebook 4

Alternative medicines


  •        *  Acupuncture
  •        *  Aromatherapy
  •        *  Bach flowers remedies
  •        *  Chiropractic
  •        *  Cranoisacral therapy
  •        *  Herbal medicine
  •        *  Homeopathy
  •        *  Hypnotherapy
  •        *  Iridology
  •  Massage
  •  The Metamorphic Technique
  •  Naturopathy
  •  Osteopathy
  •  psychotherapy
  •  Reflexology
  •  The Radiance Technique
  •  Reiki
  •  Shiatsu
  •  Spiritual healing
  •  Vibrational medicine
  •  Zero Balancing


Special Bonus ebook 5

How to make the impossible possible


Special Bonus ebook 6

Health and Fitness Tips

  * 5 rules when stretching and warming up

  * Tips for workout ( Abs, shoulder, chest, legs, back )

  * Abs diet

 * 1000 calorie diet


Special Bonus ebook 7

204 smoothies Recipes


Special Bonus ebook 8

The master cleansor, healthy lemonade   


You get all the above bonus Free !!
Natural remedies work , if you take the correct herbs for your illness and they provide many benefits for your body, not only for allergies, but for your total health, and help you live longer.

I haven't even caught a cold since I took my secret formula ! 

Also I don't snore anymore and my wife is happy about that.

Do you still want to spend alot of precious time looking for allergy cure info ?

You might have already tried many allergies cure treatment , drugs and also natural remedies.

But... they didn't work ?
Discover these powerful secret natural remedies and cure your suffering NOW !
Time Sensitive Offer !

How Much is All this Information Worth to You?

I've spent thousands of dollars trying out many kinds of medicines, herbs, formulas, buying books all related to healing my hay fever and itchy skin, also invested thousands of hours learning about natural remedies.

You get the benefit of 16 years worth of my experience. You also avoid the costly mistakes that I've made during my learning process.

To get access to all this information and the benefit of years of research and experience could normally cost thousands of dollars.

I am going to make it the very affordable low price of


                             Special Price !          

              Regular $49.95

                       ( Save $29.98 )

   Only $19.97 !

         Limited time offer !  



This is an incredible offer dedicated to your permanent allergy relief.

No more doctors, no more spending a lot of your hard earned money and precious time.


Are YOU ready for this?

  • Yes, I am ready to blast my allergies away and start living life the way I choose !

Is there guarantee ?

Absolutely ! 56 days guaranteed.   If you tried my secret formula, followed my instructions, and you are not satisfied with my information and the result within 56 days, you will receive a guaranteed refund for the full purchase price ! Keep in mind, this discovery works not only for allergies, but fights against many other kind of illnesses also and I am absolutely confident you will get many invaluable information through my ebook.

This introductory price of only $49.95 $19.97 will be substantially increased soon. I have received feedback that this price is much too low.

So Buy Now and Save !

And fix your allergy problem Now !


You can not lose with my 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee !

More testimonials from my customers

Hi , Raymond,

I just wanted to let you know how well your remedy has worked for me. I was suffering from itchy skin during every winter season and was desperate, and I was surfing the internet and ran across your site The Natural Remedies .

I tried out your formula which was so easy, started using it. and have done it for one week now. I saw results after the first day, it was truly amazing. It's really like a magical herb ! I was so fortunate to happen upon your website on the internet. I just want to thank you for sharing all that important information with me. It*s truly changed my life, and I hope that others will believe in it enough to get your ebook and let it change theirs."

Leslie A

Philadelphia , PA,  U.S.A


Hi, Raymond

I usually don't write comments and review about anything. But I must say something about your remedy because it was so incredible, it worked for my hay fever very quickly.

I have been living with hay fever for many years now and couldnÂ’t find anything that worked. I always take allergy shots every hay fever season. But I didn*t like it because it's not healthy and I was worried about side effects. So I was looking for something better and found your website.

Your remedy is so cheap and sooo effective, just afer I took your secret formula , I could feel my nose started to clear up. I could breathe ! Also my itchy eyes were gone within 30 minutes. I didn't have to blow my nose any more. I will continue to use it for my health. Also I realized since I took the remedies, my skin is clearing up and my friends also noticed my skin looks younger now. It was so unexpected. I am so thankful that you discovered such a great remedy and are offering it to everyone. I thought that I was destined to live with terrible hay fever for the rest of my life, thank you for making me normal again.

Rebecca B
Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.


Hi, Raymond,

Finally had the time and wasn*t too fuzzy headed from allergies to read your book and I must say,,,thank you for writing such an interesting book! It's a pleasure to read, far more informative than I would have imagined, and well worth the price.

I definetely am trying the herbs for itching and hayfever, and must say they're working!
I'm so glad my search took me to a link to find your book!! And...I will recommend your site to others !
Thanks again,

Jean C                                                                                    Grove, OR, U.S.A. 


Hi, Raymond,

Thank you so much for your high quality support ! Sorry, before I was taking low quality herbs and since I took the ones you suggested, within 3 days, my itchy eyes were completely fixed , and at night I took them, I could really sleep well because I could breathe fully and my nose totally cleared up.    Thanks again for giving me such great information. I recommend your ebook to everyone who suffers from allergies.

John W
Troy, PA, U.S.A.


Hi, Raymond,

Your ebook is great ! It*s full of valuable information and IÂ’m very satisfied with it.    My skin is already feeling better and less itchy. My daughter has had bad hay fever recently and I let her try the herbs in your ebook, and since she took them after dinner, her hay fever was gone within an hour. And the next day, she was completely recovered.

Your ebook is extremely handy and useful. I will use it in many ways when we get any health problems.  Thank you !

Jennifer A                                                                                     New Providence, NJ. U.S.A.


Hey Raymond,

Thank you for your kind support. My hay fever was terrible, and now itÂ’s gone ! Your ebook is amazing. I will recommend it to my friends !

Alicia S                                                                              Cantonment, FL, U.S.A.


Dear Raymond,

I just got your e-book and I must say it*s so easy to navigate, the amount of information is overwhelming and it's written in plain English without any technical jargon.

P.S. I love the tips, secrets and amazing information you give throughout the book.

Maria V
Woodinville, WA, U.S.A.


Hi Raymond;

Years of trying other techniques had left me to think I was doomed to live with my allergies forever. Now I have taken personal control of my wellness and have a quality of life I never thought possible.”

Patrick L
Maricopa AZ, U.S.A.